She was born in Las Palmas of the Canarian Islands, and chose Madrid as her adoptive city. She started painting very young and at the age of nine years old she attended both painting schools and her regular academic classes.

In 1989, she moves to Palma de Mallorca to live and to study painting in Escuela Libre del Mediterráneo with maestro Joaquín Torrens Lladó.

In 1991, she opens her own painting studio in Palma, where she starts working while keeps on studying in the Escuela.


In 1998, she finishes her studies of drawing, still life painting, Landscapes, Portrait and water painting subjects.

She moves back to Madrid in 1999 to open another studio where she deeply specialises in the portrait technique and develops it in Italy.

Today, she lives between Madrid and Palma de Mallorca where both studios are open.

She is a figurative painter and definitely a Mediterranean one.


To be in the middle of Nature, waiting for the sun rise is much more than a painting experience!


Eternal and always different

They are always waiting for you to be painted while they express what time took from them.


The hardest subject, but the most extraordinary one! A real challenge!

A gentle inner journey, where I can meet their soul, their clean truth. Then, through their physical features I may interpret my impressions.