The color of your words

By Javier Morales Vallejo.
PHd in Art of History.
Subdirector of Prado Museum.

Maria is a painter who expresses herself through colors and enables them to talk. It is a descriptive stream, a colorful talkativeness that expresses the whole and floods everything for it can see and feel it all.
She is a very passionate and sentimental painter with priviledged eyes to catch reality and her own point of view, and her unique skilled hands are simply enviable.
But to feel is not the same as to communicate. The true artist is not the one to be astonished but the one in charge of conveying emotions to evoke personal worlds in the spectators mastering the difficult painting techniques. This is what Maria does herself. As in every great painter, her mistery and secret is sheltered in her brain and heart. Therefore, even though people would always love her paintings and be surprised by them, her work would also resist the critical analysis by far.
I know nothing about Maria’s training. Nor if she even had a teacher herself, or if she had left him or he made her suffer instead. I do not know if she even meditated on the Monet water lilies, if she have ever thought of the Impressionist or Fauvist paintings, or dwelt on klimt’s last landscapes…her paintings shake all the memories up and the youthful and free overwhelming flood moves forward as light, color and a personal life are dammed up in the retines and hearts. María revives real creativity essence in her own right. Not a common one!
Let there be no mistake, she is a warrior. Many relentless working hours to give shape to that mental light till the unimagined emotional gleam is uprooted from the palet.

The expert eye notices what seems to be an easy task at first sight to be in fact, a persistent struggle to draw the light leap in the air that defeats gravity. Not all painters make it!
Therefore, Maria García Orea’s paintings is easy to be looked at but hard to be analysed from a brilliant outcome. We are dealing with a painting, complex and puzzling character. Apparently, easyness in her manners is revealed in surprise. But an elaborated perspective lies underneath as well as color layers, drawings, the mood and light performance. A different matter would be the bright brain acting as fast and safe like the fluttering pianist’s fingers flap their wings. A few get off the ground!

Her fundamental aspects are harmoniously combined. Design, volume and color. Three joining elements as part of a whole achieved task. Landscapes are confined and complete round poems. A great painter!

Above all, she is a natural landscape painter. Even her portraits are psichologycal landscapes. The overwhelmed spectators witness in surprise the open nature scenes and the intimist thickness of the gardens. Portrait of my mother, included in this art expo, for instance, stands out due to her deep and thick psichological setting that can be reached and touched while the observer cannot avoid the portrait’s eyes. This superiority is not for granted among painters.


This portrait’s color with its warm and daring earth tones, and its determined sparkles in contrast to the the fierce and vigorous cold blue ones wisely defined by the paint dragging effect in velaturas. It turns disonnance into harmony and entails a technical challenge.
This are my brief impressions about this painter who only needs to carry on and not to lose herself on the way.
In this vast contemporary creative world, full of media manouvres and false prophets, it is very rewarding to deal with a unique painter standing for her own painting technique as Maria does. A painter who reacts from real emotions and transmits life with an infinite brilliance.
To see, to feel, to communicate. Mind and emotions. Technique and identity. An easy and difficult task.